My life with an autistic sister.

My eldest daughters blog bout her struggles with a little Autisic sister. Am so proud she is blogging about it and think it’s really going to help her.


I have an autistic sister, she is five years old im 13. It was at the age of two when we realised that she wasn’t like any other child. She is called Roxann. We took her to the doctors and had appointment after appointment to see what was wrong with her..the results came back as high autism. Im Bernadette and im the eldest sister of Roxann, i find it very hard to cope with an autistic sister, sometimes i just cry because i feel left out or i feel like my mum is paying more attention to Roxann than me. I know thats not true and i know that our mum loves us both the same. When Roxann has a major meltdown i cant cope that well with it, so sometimes i just try too ignore it or i just go to my room. But thats the problem you see…

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One thought on “My life with an autistic sister.

  1. Hey Bernadette

    I have an autistic brother and went through a lot of the things you talk about here, and I’m now 21 and have come out the other side. I hope my experience can help you along the way!

    Firstly, I completely understand how you feel about the looks and comments you get, I used to hate it, I would feel ashamed and embarrassed, and then guilty for feeling these things, do I feel them now? Not even slightly.

    I realised that what I was feeling was actually what others ought to be feeling, it is them who are being judgmental, passive aggressive, and horrible. Now I’m not saying hate people, because hate only breeds hate, just realise these people are not worthy to pass judgement upon you! Their comments only reflect upon themselves and their ignorance.

    Lastly, you won’t realise this now, but Roxann has taught you some life skills that are utterly unique for someone your age, you will be able to deal with stress amazingly well, and you have perspective which is so valuable!

    There are so many things I could say to you about this, and if you wanted to I would be happy to talk to you. But if nothing else take this away, you have a loving family, that is doing their best for you and Roxann, and absolutely nothing (and noone, or their snotty opinion) matters! Be empowered to face the stares and know inside that IT DOES NOT MATTER!

    Best of luck!


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