Thank you

Just a little blog to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my blog My girls meet peter capaldi ( little dalek ) and also for reading my eldest daughters blog bout her struggles with her sisters autism.

You have all given kind words and we are very grateful. As you can imagine we don’t always get nice things said to us when out and about with Roxann.

People can be so mean either just giving us dirty looks or saying very hurtful things.

You have all inspired me to write more about Autism and day to day life the ups and the downs. So thank you for giving me courage.

We can not thank the doctor who team for helping make Roxann’s dream come true and for giving us wonderful memories.

As we know Peter Capaldi is a massive whovian so am she that when he took the time to talk with us and also reassure Roxann that he has the say so from Matt it took him back to being a little boy enjoying doctor who himself.

I’ve read some hurtful things on the internet too but I say they are not even 1% of all the wonderful things being said. But just to clarify Peter was not asking Roxann’s permission to be the doctor he was asking and reassuring her that he will Joining on her imaginary games and adventures she plays.
Roxann is a massive doctor who fan and she out smarts me on her on the program. If you ask Roxi what she wants to be when older she always says a dalek…….to cute. Then she says she would like to be in doctor who and be famous. 🙂 again a little whovian just like Peter Capaldi.

So once again a massive thank you to the doctor who team to Jenna and Peter and to you all 🙂



10 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. You’re welcome,Thanks to your special little girl to unite everybody in Doctor Who fandom to be touched by this act of kindness from Peter Capaldi 🙂

  2. You’re very welcome! You’re a brave and clever girl, and we wish you many amazing adventures with yourself and the Doctor 🙂

    • Oliver that is beautiful. Am lost for words. So many siblings find it so hard as you know from reading my daughters first blog and am glad that she can also turn to you also. Thank you for sharing 🙂 x

  3. A couple of years back, my son was lucky enough to get his picture taken with Chris Evans (Captain America) and on Tom Hiddleston’s (Loki) shoulders. Pics of those meetings ended up all over the internet and much like yourself, I wrote about it and put it out there for all to read.

    My main reason for doing so were because of negative comments about my son I found on various sites — while he’s not autistic, he’s still a child who didn’t deserve some of the things said about him.

    In posting our story about his meeting, I came to realize that the ones with negative comments don’t matter, they’re trying to compensate for something negative in their lives — and the ones who ‘get it’, the ones who really understand how special those meetings are, will come to your defense even when you don’t know it.

    As a recent Doctor Who fan (I know, I know…took me awhile to get on board) I was incredibly moved by your story and now have even more incentive to finish up the Matt Smith era so I can get to Mr. Capaldi’s run when it airs.

    Thank YOU for writing up about Roxann and Bernadette’s adventures, meeting The Doctor and Clara.

    • Wow that is awesome, am slightly jealous teehee how fabulous for your son.
      I agree people can be so rude. I let them go over my head but it really hurt Bernadette to read the horrid things that were being said about her sister. I told her not to focus on them but to focus on all the lovely things people are saying.
      Am glad that you are enjoying doctor who and you have plenty of time to watch before the Capaldi ones start.
      Thank you for sharing your story with me and for taking the time to read our blogs 🙂 x

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