Demon depression

A poem I wrote about my own battle with depression.
I have now come through and am very thankful 🙂

Please don’t ask me if am ok.
It makes my eyes leak
If I say am fine…and you know am not. Please don’t push me into giving an answer.

If I go quiet, Please don’t ignore me, just cause I don’t wanna talk.
Please remember that I am still here.
I will be ok and In time I will talk.
Just give me time to process the things going on in my head.

If I cut myself and watch the blood flow. Don’t get angry at me, sometimes it’s away to let the pain go.

If I drink to much alcohol and take all my medication in one , am just trying to get better in one go.

As I sit in the hospital bed. Don’t sit there shaking you’re head.

I never meant to hurt you with the things I’ve done.
Please don’t walk away. I will get better one day.

The darkness will fade and the light will come.
I will hold my head high and look at my scares with a sense of pride.
For the dark demon did not win
And now my life can begin.



To the outside world

A little thing I wrote this morning

To the outside world. You stop and stare at my child and me.
Yes we look like were taking part in W.W.E.
I know it looks harsh me holding my child by the arms and legs, but hear me when I say am not hurting her.
Am not a bad mum, my child is not having a tantrum,
You see my child has autism, the outside world is scary to her.
If I wasn’t holding her in some sort of wrestling move, she may come to harm. She does not understand that she can’t just run.
The sounds we hear to us can be fun , but these sounds to her make her run…it’s not just sounds it’s smells too.
So while you’re all staring can I please ask don’t judge me or my daughter cause to us this is just normal.