The stops, the stares and the glares.

I love it and feel privileged. Please read Oliver’s story from an siblings point of view.


My name is Oliver Riding, and my brother John, has severe autism.

This is my letter to the people I’ve seen on some other blogs about autism, to carers who talk about comments and stares in public, even about being too worried to leave the house.

I used to feel embarrassment and shame about my brother, when he would urinate in public, get naked when he was hot, and shriek in restaurants. But now I’m 21, and I treat these things for what they are, mildly amusing!

What I have come to realise is that when people stare, whisper and are generally passive aggressive, there’s only one person making you feel bad about it. You.

Only you can give these ignorant, small minded fools the power to make your life miserable, and by the same token, only you have the power to make it not matter.

This is no trivial…

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Thank you

Just a little blog to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my blog My girls meet peter capaldi ( little dalek ) and also for reading my eldest daughters blog bout her struggles with her sisters autism.

You have all given kind words and we are very grateful. As you can imagine we don’t always get nice things said to us when out and about with Roxann.

People can be so mean either just giving us dirty looks or saying very hurtful things.

You have all inspired me to write more about Autism and day to day life the ups and the downs. So thank you for giving me courage.

We can not thank the doctor who team for helping make Roxann’s dream come true and for giving us wonderful memories.

As we know Peter Capaldi is a massive whovian so am she that when he took the time to talk with us and also reassure Roxann that he has the say so from Matt it took him back to being a little boy enjoying doctor who himself.

I’ve read some hurtful things on the internet too but I say they are not even 1% of all the wonderful things being said. But just to clarify Peter was not asking Roxann’s permission to be the doctor he was asking and reassuring her that he will Joining on her imaginary games and adventures she plays.
Roxann is a massive doctor who fan and she out smarts me on her on the program. If you ask Roxi what she wants to be when older she always says a dalek…….to cute. Then she says she would like to be in doctor who and be famous. 🙂 again a little whovian just like Peter Capaldi.

So once again a massive thank you to the doctor who team to Jenna and Peter and to you all 🙂


My life with an autistic sister.

My eldest daughters blog bout her struggles with a little Autisic sister. Am so proud she is blogging about it and think it’s really going to help her.


I have an autistic sister, she is five years old im 13. It was at the age of two when we realised that she wasn’t like any other child. She is called Roxann. We took her to the doctors and had appointment after appointment to see what was wrong with her..the results came back as high autism. Im Bernadette and im the eldest sister of Roxann, i find it very hard to cope with an autistic sister, sometimes i just cry because i feel left out or i feel like my mum is paying more attention to Roxann than me. I know thats not true and i know that our mum loves us both the same. When Roxann has a major meltdown i cant cope that well with it, so sometimes i just try too ignore it or i just go to my room. But thats the problem you see…

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My girls meet Peter Capaldi ( little Dalek )


Peter capaldi and Jenna Coleman talking to myself and my two daughters. My youngest has autism and when matt smith said he was leaving she was worried, because she goes on adventures with doctor who and Clara and she was worried that the new doctor ( Peter ) would not like her and wouldn’t want to join in her games.

So on our holiday to Cardiff we fell onto pot luck. We had gone for our lunch at eddies diner and came out to find that doctor who was being filmed. We had a chat with the crew and Jenna and Samuel had photos done with the girls. We were told Peter was not coming down for filming. After telling the crew about roxi and her games with dr who ( Matt ) and the worry she has about Peter. We were told to come back the next day.

So we went back chatted with more crew who told us to come back later when they had built the tardis. My daughters were so giddy Bernadette my eldest wore her tardis dress and Roxann my youngest wore her dalek outfit. We went for dinner as the crew didn’t want us waiting in the cold. Bernadette ate her dinner so fast and ran back down to watch them film. We arrived 10mins later and were allowed to sit at the side of the set while Jenna did her take. While we where watching Bernadette sent me a message of her with peter, I was so proud of her that she had done that on her own as she is so scared and timid. Kudos to Bernadette.
One of the crew waved us down but as we got there Peter was needed for a rehearsal. So we were then sat back on the bench to wait.
As we sat there a lovely member of crew said not to long now just sorting it. Next thing a man walks over to us and says to Roxann hello what’s your name, she didn’t answer so I did he then asked how old she was and she whispered 5. He said well im the director and would you like to come with me. We followed him and he called Peter over. Peter and Jenna where lovely and so understanding. Even though Roxann wouldn’t look at them or talk…which is due to her autism. She took everything in that was being said to her by peter. We spent about 10mins with them and I can not express how over joyed and thankful I am to the crew for making both my daughters dreams come true.

I was then shock to get a text from my sister to say that Roxann and Bernadette’s meeting with Peter capaldi was trending over the internet. So this is the reason for me doing this blog so you all know nothing was planed it was sheer luck on our doctor who hoilday to Cardiff which I’d been saving and saving for.

Thank you for taking the time to read this
Adama, Bernadette & Roxann