When we moved to Yorkshire I made sure I got a gp. When I saw them I asked for her appointments to be sorted out over here.

I got a phone call from the head of cams and had a good talk with her. I told her all about Roxann and the things she does. She told me that it was not ADHD, that I needed to go back to the gp and tell them to make a referral to the child development team.
By this time September had come and Roxann was due to start school. I looked at school after school. One school was so rude in regards to her behaviour and learning needs, don’t get me wrong the head was a nice guy, just he said that parents would be after blood if she started there.

The school nurse started to come out and see us, to make sure Roxi was doing ok and to also help with looking at schools for her. Couldn’t send her to the local special needs school as she was not statemented. The school nurse thought it would be a good idea for us to have a meeting with calms face to face, even though I had told her I’d already talked to Caroline over the phone, but I agreed just to please her.

So after a mouth of waiting we went for a meeting, I took along the dairy I’d been keeping of Roxi. Surprise surprise she told us it was not a calms matter. I thanked her for her time and she said she would write to our gp to inform them of our meeting and her findings.

We finally found a school for Roxi.
I cried after we had looked round another local school. It was perfect the head showed us around and talked to us about how they would handle roxi and what support she would get, she asked if we had any question and I laughed and said know you have answered them all.
Roxi started 2wks before the half term. I was more worried than roxi, making sure the school knew I would be there at a moments notice. Needless to say she settled in well, yes there where a few issues but the fab thing is the school could handle it.
I know feel relaxed enough to be able to drop her off and go about my daily needs.
Doing the shopping on my own for the first time felt really odd, being able to get around a supermarket without having to stop and catch roxi or sit in the Aisles and hold her while she cried was a whole new thing for me to get used too.

The date came for Roxi to see a child specialise. Off we went taking all my notes and dairy. The doctor was wonderful she watched roxi and talked to myself and roxi’s dad about day to day life. Then she asked Roxi play. We spent an hour and a half with the doctor, towards the end she said she will refer roxi to a child behaviour doctor, speech therapist and also for a jacc assessmen, she said that we are definitely looking at ASD.
So a couple of weeks went by and the appointments started to come through.
The day I read the child development doctors report I cried reading what she had wrote to our gp and the others that she was informing to see Roxi.
I rang my sister and read the letter in floods of tears, I wasn’t crying because Roxi has Asd I was crying because I’d be fighting for so long for someone to listen to me. Reading the letter was also very strange the doctor had picked up on things that I myself had never even noticed about Roxi.

I read the report over and over again. I cried for about a week, which my sister said was fine for me to do because finally I knew I had my feet on along road of bettering Roxi’s life..