Demon depression

A poem I wrote about my own battle with depression.
I have now come through and am very thankful 🙂

Please don’t ask me if am ok.
It makes my eyes leak
If I say am fine…and you know am not. Please don’t push me into giving an answer.

If I go quiet, Please don’t ignore me, just cause I don’t wanna talk.
Please remember that I am still here.
I will be ok and In time I will talk.
Just give me time to process the things going on in my head.

If I cut myself and watch the blood flow. Don’t get angry at me, sometimes it’s away to let the pain go.

If I drink to much alcohol and take all my medication in one , am just trying to get better in one go.

As I sit in the hospital bed. Don’t sit there shaking you’re head.

I never meant to hurt you with the things I’ve done.
Please don’t walk away. I will get better one day.

The darkness will fade and the light will come.
I will hold my head high and look at my scares with a sense of pride.
For the dark demon did not win
And now my life can begin.