Roxann’s thoughts on the new doctor

Hi all. I’d just like to say am still overwhelmed at how many people are still interested in Roxann, how lovely it is to receive messages from you saying you were thinking off her when the new series started and wanting to know what she thinks.

We were on our holiday when the new series started so I’d made sure it was all set to recorded so we could watch on our return.

On our way to our holiday we had stopped off to by magazines….I looked around asked roxi which one she would like and she was just stood mouth open with dreamy eyes…she was looking at the radio times front cover which of course had Peter capaldi on the front. It was like this is all real he is the Doctor.

Once we returned from our holiday we sat down to watch the first episode.
We loved it so very funny.
Roxann loved that it had a dinosaur in, she sat captivated by the show watching and taking everything in.

We have now watched all three episodes of new who. Upon watching this weekends. Roxi turned to me and said ” mummy, this doctor is so funny he makes me laugh ”

It’s a massive thumbs up from Roxann. She has now let her imaginary Doctor regenerate into Peter.

Roxann has an old mobile phone of mine and pretends she is talking to the doctor and Clara. Last week she rang Clara and told her it’s ok to go on adventures with the new doctor and not to be scared.
She melts my heart with the way she loves Doctor who.

After each Saturday episode roxi always asks when is the next one on and gets upset that she has to wait a whole week for the next one.

Thank you for reading 🙂