The stops, the stares and the glares.

I love it and feel privileged. Please read Oliver’s story from an siblings point of view.


My name is Oliver Riding, and my brother John, has severe autism.

This is my letter to the people I’ve seen on some other blogs about autism, to carers who talk about comments and stares in public, even about being too worried to leave the house.

I used to feel embarrassment and shame about my brother, when he would urinate in public, get naked when he was hot, and shriek in restaurants. But now I’m 21, and I treat these things for what they are, mildly amusing!

What I have come to realise is that when people stare, whisper and are generally passive aggressive, there’s only one person making you feel bad about it. You.

Only you can give these ignorant, small minded fools the power to make your life miserable, and by the same token, only you have the power to make it not matter.

This is no trivial…

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My life with an autistic sister.

My eldest daughters blog bout her struggles with a little Autisic sister. Am so proud she is blogging about it and think it’s really going to help her.


I have an autistic sister, she is five years old im 13. It was at the age of two when we realised that she wasn’t like any other child. She is called Roxann. We took her to the doctors and had appointment after appointment to see what was wrong with her..the results came back as high autism. Im Bernadette and im the eldest sister of Roxann, i find it very hard to cope with an autistic sister, sometimes i just cry because i feel left out or i feel like my mum is paying more attention to Roxann than me. I know thats not true and i know that our mum loves us both the same. When Roxann has a major meltdown i cant cope that well with it, so sometimes i just try too ignore it or i just go to my room. But thats the problem you see…

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